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Nappicino Days at Bumbles

Posted on 8th Aug 2008 @ 11:05 PM

For all you parents who need an excuse to get out of the house, here it is!

The first Friday of every month is a Nappicino day here from 9.30am to around lunch time. It’s basically a group of cloth nappy mums who all get together for a bit of a chin wag, a nice cuppa and some bikkies :)

Friday June 6th
Friday July 4th
Friday August 1st
Friday September 5th
Friday October 3rd
Friday November 7th
Friday December 5th

We don’t discriminate, so don’t feel you can’t come if you use *cough* sposies *cough* the more the merrier!

Hope to see your smiling faces at a Nappicino soon