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New Conceptions Sewing Patterns

Bumbles started selling sewing patterns at the request of our customers who wanted something more informative and substantial then the free sewing patterns available on the internet.

New Conception's patterns are much loved in America and Bumbles is a pleased to bring our customers these top quality patterns!

If you are having trouble with sewing your own nappies, give me an email or call and I will do my best to give you a hand.
  • $18.50 Personal Things Pattern
    Suggested Fabric:Mini Tote: Waterproof wovens or knits such as Ultrex®, Supplex®, felted wool, or PUL.Contoured Nursing Pads, Sanitary Pads, Panty Liner, She Shell™, Femme-Fold™ Sanitary Pad:Absorbent layers: 100% cotton...
  • $18.50 Swim Nappy Pattern
    Swim nappies are required for infants and non-toilet trained toddlers in an ever-increasing number of public water parks, swimming pools, lakes, beaches and other recreational swimming facilities. Swim nappies are not meant to be water-proof or...
  • $18.50 Training Pants Pattern
    Training pants are absorbent underwear worn by children who are learning to use the toilet. Training pants are not pull-on diapers and are not as absorbent as a diaper. They are supposed to contain big messes due to accidents but still allow a child...