# Cloth Nappies - Flats/Prefolds - Bumbles

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Flat              Refers to a traditional style nappy of a flat square or rectangle shape, which requires folding and pins (or a snappi). These tend to be cotton, Indian cotton, cotton twill, terry toweling or muslin. These can also be used as additional absorbency inside other nappies.

Prefold            A flat nappy that already has the layers built-in. Such as 4 layers on the sides and 6 layers down the middle. These would be referred to as 4x6x4. Generally, these nappies get folded into thirds and laid inside a waterproof wrap. They are very versatile as they can be used as the absorbent material inside a pocket nappy, or as a additional booster inside a fitted nappy. They also come in various sizes from prem to toddler, to provide a better fit inside different size covers.
  • $21.00 Baby First Flat Cotton Nappies
    These flat nappies measure 760mmx760mm, they are 100% cotton, and are made in China.They will fluff up after washing and are very absorbent. Use them as inserts for your pocket nappies, or pin them on to your baby. Comes as a pack of six, For...