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Booster        This is a separate shaped pad laid into the nappy to provide additional absorbency when required such as long car rides, night time nappy, and heavy wetter's.
Insert            The absorbent part of a pocket nappy. Needs to totally fit inside the pocket. Can be made from any absorbent material.

  • $6.99 Baby Cheeks Single Large Insert
    Large inserts – are normally used from about 3-4 months onwards (depending on the child) - if you still have your small inserts, these can act as a booster insert to help with extra absorbency (a child may use approximately 3-4 for night time...
  • $9.00 bumGenius! One Size Microfibre Insert
    Cotton Babies One-Size Microfiber inserts are made of 3 layers of the thickest microfiber terry available anywhere. A unique snap down design allows these inserts fit perfectly in a small, medium or large Fuzzi Bunz or at any rise setting on a...
  • $7.50 Tots Bots White Cotton Booster
    Three layers of the same luxurious soft terry towelling as the Tots Bots nappies.
  • $4.00 Zappy Nappy 100% Cotton Soaker/Doubler
    Made from 100% soft cotton flannelette Can be laid inside any fitted nappy Are soft and flexible and can be folded if required
  • $5.00 Zappy Nappy Waterproof Backed Soaker/Doubler
    Made from 100% soft cotton flannelette with a waterproof back of breathable nylon (non PVC) to allow air to circulate. Designed to fit under the foldout soaker on a Zappy Nappy.Why? To add extra breathability to your nappies when a cover is not...