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Nappy Covers

Cover         Waterproof layer that goes over the top of a flat, fitted or prefold nappy to stop moisture getting clothes wet. Can be breathable PUL, or Wool.

  • $23.00 Choose Options Bummis Super Brite Wrap
    Wow! Here is yet another great nappy cover from Bummis! The brand new SUPER BRITE was designed to ensure a perfect fit – even for those long, skinny babies that need a little extra protection around the leg.This gusseted cover closes all the...
  • $15.00 Choose Options Bummis Whisper Pants
    This is a high quality pull-on pant, in lightweight, waterproof nylon. It has soft and stretchy lycra bindings around the legs and tummy for a comfortable, custom fit on any baby. This pant is guaranteed to fit well with any type of pre-formed...