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Mummy Essentials

All the stuff new mums need!
Menstrual Pads for after baby's born, then you can move to the Diva cup - think of all the money you'll save with these two!
All your breastfeeding supplies, pads, t-shirts, as well as necklaces to keep baby focused on the task at hand, AND if you're still suffering from the dreaded "baby brain", try the feeding bracelet. Never have to remember the time and side of the last feed again!! YAY!
  • $6.50 $5.00 Northern Essence - Hand Sanitizer Gel
    Touched something icky? No bathroom around? You're in luck!Our handy Sanitizer bottles have a spot for you to put your key ring through it!Never be without something to get your hands germ free!Packaged in 2oz Bottles.Keep out of eyes. All items are...
  • $21.50 $15.00 Shewee
    Shewee is a moulded plastic funnel that provides women with a simple, private and hygienic method of urinating without removing clothes whilst standing AND sitting. You will receive the legendary Shewee AND extension tube.When positioned securely...
  • $14.00 Choose Options Sudn'n'Dudz Organic Liquid Castile & Aloe Soap
    Pure and mild, castile soap is the ideal baby and body wash. Gentle suds rinse easily and won't leave irritating residue. Made with the finest organic oils and gentle aloe. This is a great soap to add to your foamer bottles! We use this as our...
  • $39.95 Choose Options The Original Nursing Bracelet ™
    The Nursing Bracelet™ is made from stylish glass beads and quality components. Track your baby's feeds with this "wearable nursing log" Perfect for mums and caregivers Switch it from wrist to wrist to remind you which breast you last...